Goa, memories of unabashed freedom

For once I can say, I too lived in the moment
Few days of freedom unlike any before
Where time didn’t dictate a task list of things to do
Sun rising and setting a very thing of joy
It didn’t matter what I looked like, how I dressed, where I was from or what I did
But for once I wasn’t judged
Listening to the sounds of waves sitting quietly on a beach
Snorkeling in the sea watching a new world
Diving into water challenging my own limitations
And uncovering beauty that was beyond all these years
Dancing on shore and making new foot prints
Racing a drive with friends aimlessly
Sitting by the window of a train and feeling the breeze
Watching over as time lapsed for the rest
Meeting people that shared the same joy and passion
Making new friends that I seemed to have known forever
I discovered what joy there is, when I leave behind the prejudices,
that of my own and others….

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