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To ‘be’ or To ‘do’

Recently a young guy I just met at the meditation center asked me, what do you do? I said I am traveling and trying to deepen my meditation practice.   He asked why wasn’t I working and I replied that…
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Traveling within – A journey of memories

This last year has been difficult and interesting at the same time. Many of us are conditioned to believe that a ‘secure’ and ‘certain’ life is important to be happy. From early morning to late evening, we studied, worked, strived…
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‘Mist’erious Goecha La

Once upon a time, the small village of Yuksom faced a severe food crisis. People fought with each other as they struggled to cope. A Shepard realised something had to be done. He took his sheep and embarked on a…
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Discovering love that can break your heart!

The older I grow, the more I realise, everything in this world is relative. Our emotions, happiness, sadness…everything rooted in our experiences, and here’s one that changed mine. Couple of years ago, I had a message on my phone from…
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Uluru – Once upon a time

Uluru dates back to over 500 million years! Come to think of it, that’s almost 250 million years before dinosaurs were known to have existed. Its no wonder then that Uluru dream time stories talk of giant creatures that existed whose footprints formed massive craters on it’s rock. 

The universe conspires…..Fiji

He kept driving for more than an hour on what seemed to be a winding road. It was quiet and dark outside. Occasionally I’d hear a dog bark in the distance. There was no one on the road and rarely…
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Spiti – A Sublime Beauty

Mai ni meriye, shimle di raahe, kaaza kitniki door….haaayee…..Kazaaaa kitniki door!!!! What happens when a group of local singers with soulful voices, guitar, old monk, talented chefs come together in a cozy mud house’s kitchen with heated tandoor…..…….and not just…
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