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Spiti – A Sublime Beauty

Mai ni meriye, shimle di raahe, kaaza kitniki door….haaayee…..Kazaaaa kitniki door!!!! What happens when a group of local singers with soulful voices, guitar, old monk, talented chefs come together in a cozy mud house’s kitchen with heated tandoor…..…….and not just…
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‘Mist’erious Goecha La

Once upon a time, the small village of Yuksom faced a severe food crisis. People fought with each other as they struggled to cope. A Shepard realised something had to be done. He took his sheep and embarked on a…
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Bali, Its many hues!

Where are you from? ‘India’ Hindu? Questions I and my friend were mostly greeted with by locals in Bali. It was a deja vu moment bringing memories of my time in Pokhara, Nepal, with a minor exception. Where are you…
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Yuksom and it’s treasures

“Some journeys choose us. In their own mystical ways, they bring us to them!” When a friend sent me a note from a book, it was these words that got my attention. I was in Yuksom, a small town in western…
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The setting sun

What goes through your mind when you see a sunset?

Watching it on a beach at Murudeshwar one evening, I noticed that along with a number of thoughts, there was a lot of silence that filled me. And this poem is the result when I took a pen and started writing.

Kerala – Land of Abundance

For years I wanted to backpack around Kerala but I have no idea what stopped me. It took a series of dramatic events to land me at the Kalaripayattu training and treatment ashram near Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram). I was there to…
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Bittersweet Kanyakumari

At 4.30 am I found myself at the southernmost tip of India facing the vast expanse of water from three different sources, the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. I had a sleepless night, and after trying in…
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Thar – a vast expanse of nothingness

What is it like to travel to a place that has nothing? Nothing but dry red rustic earth as far as eyes could see!  A few of us Square Trippers† wanted to experience just that! Only one place came to mind, Thar…
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Nagaland – A wild adventure

Banging a log drum with two wooden logs in a Naga hut wasn’t what we envisioned when couple of us decided to travel to Nagaland. Yet, we found ourselves in a beautifully crafted tribal hut with people from Phom tribe…
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