‘Mist’erious Goecha La

Once upon a time, the small village of Yuksom faced a severe food crisis. People fought with each other as they struggled to cope. A Shepard realised something had to be done. He took his sheep and embarked on a…
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Bali, Its many hues!

Where are you from? ‘India’ Hindu? Questions I and my friend were mostly greeted with by locals in Bali. It was a deja vu moment bringing memories of my time in Pokhara, Nepal, with a minor exception. Where are you…
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Random act of kindness – Trek to Triund

How much further is Triund? Local: “another hour or two depending on how fast you walk?” “Is it safe to trek back if it gets dark?” Local: “No, there are bears in this jungle. There was an attack only a…
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