Hampi – An Inner Journey

Free from thinking but not the thoughts
Liberated from boundaries, real or not
In layers of consciousness I see
Barriers of mind melting away

I close my eyes and hear
Gentle rustling of the leaves
Beautiful butterflies fly close by
Surrounded by a vague sense of peace

Singing aloud from the depth of being
Long lost melody I hear again
The one suppressed some decades ago
I chose not to dwell and let the thought go

View from above was green and blue
Watching the dusk settle in too
An image reappears from years ago
From time that was different and yet not so

On those ancient stones I lie
Content at heart with no other thought
This was a place that was once alive
I picture an era that’s long gone by

Among  the ruins I see a world
Where once lived people with passionate hearts
Everything natural and ever so pure
I don’t follow why it’s no more

Reluctant but content I leave the place
Carrying those images deep in the heart
That I am sure will come alive again
Some other time at some other place


  1. Charan

    Simply Superb !!!!! I left with no words 🙂

    1. Prasuna Reddy (Post author)

      Thanks buddy 🙂


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