Hi, I am Prasuna from Hyderabad, India.

Ajeebsisoul is a small insight into my journey that started a few years ago, when I decided to follow my heart, unapologetically.  I quit full time work and started only doing things that I found exciting. Strangely enough, it led me to explore a world that I had never seen before. It went something like…

….trekking everest base camp in Nepal, becoming a rescue scuba diver and working in a dive center, completing a yoga teacher training course in rishikesh, learning Sitar and exploring Indian classical music, hang gliding in New Zealand, a caravan trip to Ladhak, rafting in freezing waters of Kashmir, getting duped thrice in Sri Lanka so on……

Its’ a wandering strange soul…and hence ajeebsisoul…

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  1. Fly With Shaunak

    Hi, I am really with you on that travel ideology, that the more you travel, the less you feel you have travelled. Same thing here… 9 Years of work experience after an MBA from Pune and nothing more in life 🙂 But the time is still not gone… Wat say ?


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