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Random act of kindness – Trek to Triund

How much further is Triund? Local: “another hour or two depending on how fast you walk?” “Is it safe to trek back if it gets dark?” Local: “No, there are bears in this jungle. There was an attack only a…
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Chill in Himachal – Part 2

A glimpse of Parvati Valley Kasol After a relaxing couple of days in quiet Malana, we made way to Kasol, a place that is most likely second home to hippies. And true to its image, you come across people with…
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Chill in Himachal – Part 1

Malana – A Unique Journey Robert Louis Stevenson’s once said “to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive;” Wonder if he said this on or after a journey to Himachal, a place known for its’ picturesque valleys, snow…
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