The setting sun

Standing by the beach at sunset
letting the waves wash over my feet
Watching the sky change colors
red, orange, yellow and myriad others
As it slowly sinks over the horizon
a mixture of elation and sadness unexplained
Happiness of witnessing something so incredibly beautiful
followed by a subtle sadness
Wondering if this is all there is to life
dancing to the tune of rising and setting sun
But yet again, in the middle of the night
nothing has been more soothing than sitting by the same beach
Gone are the people and the hustle and bustle
silence enveloping the very air I breathe
Staring at the dark sea in a star lit sky
listening to waves crashing with intensity
A moment I could live a thousand years
wishing for time to stop for eternity
Reassuring that there is beauty in darkness
that many fail to see!


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