Travel is as much an inward journey as it is outward. Every situation, every person you meet, a story you heard or a book you read, everything has an ability to challenge your underlying beliefs and judgments.

One such story I recently heard stayed with me. “A young lady decided to give up all her wealth and embark on a spiritual journey. All she holds onto is a penny for her next meal….just in case. She heard a voice asking her to drop that penny before she starts the journey. So she gives it away and moves on.”

The story provoked some thought on my part. From what I gather, the journey is a question of faith and complete surrender to nature’s will. Holding on to that penny, even when she gave away everything else challenges that very faith. When I read it, I realised it was harder to let go of that last penny than everything else.

We seem to focus mostly on what we gave away or let go, and easily forget what we are holding on to. It may just be a thought or emotion, or a more concrete backup of substance. Faith begins where logic ends. Complete faith doesn’t come easy, but the only way to find out is to give away that penny.

Any thoughts?



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